Downtown Gift Certificates

Sold from the DBA office (433-6490) along with Frank Skalings office, Bayview Credit Union and the Shutter Hut. These generic certificates have a value of $10.00 and are redeemable at most downtown businesses for services and merchandise. When a business honours one of our gift certificates, they need only turn in the redeemed certificate to the Sussex Downtown Business Association for a full cash-value reimbursement.

For the gift buying customer, it is the ideal gift for everyone on their list it can be used for such a wide and varied array of products and services that, even those people who are most difficult to shop for, will be pleased. For you, the downtown merchant, this gift certificate attracts people to your business some may be long-time customers while others will be new customers who normally dont shop downtown, but decided to check it our since they received one of our certificates as a gift.

Contact the DBA office
tel: 433-6490,

Members Helping Members

A program in which Downtown business Association members extend special offers to their fellow members and employees. It is designed to encourage downtown merchants and their employees to support one another and keep the downtown economy vital.

Call 433-6490 or email to become a sponsor of this program.
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